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In the context of academic and industrial experiences, ACADEMICRFID  group has put its signature on many RFID systems.

It provides solutions with its accumulated knowledge and experienced staff and cooperation with universities.

It continues to offer tailor-made RFID system solutions. The projects brought to our group are carefully researched and successfully and custom-designed by our engineers according to the customer needs.

Turnkey systems are developed and installed on-site by experienced engineers. The systems we set up at the end of the project are supported under the guarantee of the ACADEMICRFID  group and are followed after the completion of the systems.

With its experienced engineers, academic staff, and technical workforce, ACADEMICRFID  is always waiting for your projects to provide you with RFID solutions in your organizations.

                                                                                        RFID SOLUTION SEQUENCE

                                                                                        RFID SOLUTION  SEQUENCE

RFID applications

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Why Choose Us!​

We are competent engineers in the field of RFID. We have many years of experience. A total of 30 years among us.
We have developed many reliable RFID systems in collaboration with many university.


Upfront Pricing

The pricing of RFID systems will be determined according to the nature of the projects.


Anytime Service

We will be in contact with the project owners after the projects are completed.


Qualified Experts

We have many multidisciplinary scientist from reputable universities and engineers from industrial companies