Sectoral Approaches

Since its establishment in 2012, our consultancy has been involved in research and development projects within the scope of university-industry cooperation on RFID.

As a result of our R&D activities, we increasingly continued to discover that RFID technologies can be used in almost every field and to ensure that today’s information society can benefit more from this technology.

Some popular project processes made with RFID can be defined as follows.

  • Warehouse Management
  • Vehicle position tracking
  • Product tracking
  • Factory production follow-up
  • Customer tracking
  • After-sales follow-up
  • Tracking people and goods in institutions
  • Patient and doctor follow-up in hospitals
  • Medicine tracking in pharmacies
RFID products
RFID system
person tracker
house arrest tracker
child tracker
gun or object tracking

Many different tags and readers are used in our work. These are RF Code, Jennic, and Cricket products. By using these products in many projects, various solutions have been obtained and systems have been developed.

rf code tag
rf code reader and writer
Jennic developer kit

Computer interfaces have been created in these systems, and information use and access to information are facilitated by users.

Some of our completed projects are presented here. Various algorithms have been developed in cooperation with universities in this regard, and progress has been made in RFID signal analysis and position determination.

While the sensitivity of positioning in position determination is around 2-3 meters in general, at the end of our studies, this sensitivity was reduced to 30-50 cm in closed areas and a revolution was experienced.

By integrating RFID devices and related algorithms into various computer-controlled systems (robotic, embedded systems, etc.), solutions have been provided in many areas of life.

Some of the projects completed by us

  • Location detection by using RFID and particle filtering
  • Indoor Position detection by using adaptive cooperative location algorithm
  • Landmark position detection by using RFID and reference point techniques
  • RFID data selection by using Chebbuchev and Elliptic filtering techniques
  • Location detection by using particle and KNN algorithms
  • 3D position detection by using std, Kalman, and linear position data
  • Position detection by using RFID wireless communication networks
  • By using regression analysis to determine KNN and weight algorithms
  • Automatic product selection and payment by using RFID in supermarkets
  • RFID Position detection by using segmentation algorithms
  • RFID position detection with a virtual fingerprint by using exponential signals
  • Multiple database generation and Kalman filtering for RFID data
  • 3D virtual viewer on mobile devices using RFID position data
  • Locating vehicles with RFID in car parks
  • Determining the location of logistics material with RFIDs in military operations
  • Product identification and automatic payment with RFIDs in supermarkets
  • Automatic product and location determination in warehouses.
car park RFID tracking
car park RFID entrance
shopping cart RFID
car park enterance rfid system
warhouse RFID tracking

ACADEMICRFID consultancy has proved that it is ambitious with the R&D it has done in the field of RFID and continues to make projects in this field. It awaits project requests and suggestions from institutions, companies, and individuals.


General Querries!

We will contact the manufacturers and will provide the necessary components as soon as possible with express mail at affordable rates.

We will divide the systems into active and passive systems. Each system will be categorized in simple medium and large systems. The cost will be calculated as:

Price of the components + Labor charge + Local customs and taxes

We will design the system in a draft form. we will send the draft to you for your acceptance. Once you approve the design we will start the development phase. A charge will be taken for the design stage. 

Yes, we do. The arrangements will be organized with consultancy management.